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Hyaluron Pen

€140,00 €160,00

The device will be supplied with an instruction manual in Italian with many tips on pre and post treatment. CE certified device

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What is 

The Hyaluron Pen (also called Hyaluronic Pen) is a simple device for the delivery of functional substances used in aesthetics for Filler treatments without needles. Thanks to this device, a filler can be implanted without using a needle but simply by "placing" the pen on the tissue. The operating mechanism itself is very simple: once the appropriate ampoule (sold separately) has been filled with the functional substance chosen based on the blemish to be treated, and inserted inside the pen, the device is "armed" by acting on the pressure handle. By pressing the start button, pressure is then exerted on the piston of the syringe in such a way as to force the product to come out through a very small hole with a diameter of only 0.17 mm compared to the needle which has a diameter of 0.39mm.

Where to use it:

Hyaluron pen dove utilizzarla


  • A filler treatment with hyaluronic acid or a biorevitalization is performed without the use of needles. It is therefore a totally painless treatment which does not involve the use of anesthetic and is particularly suitable for needle-phobic people or those who poorly tolerate more invasive facial treatments.
  • The risk of bruising and swelling is minimized.
  • Simplicity of the treatment, everything takes place very quickly.
  • The results are immediately visible.
  • The Hyaluron pen, as it does not have needles, can be used in beauty centers and medical clinics without any restrictions.
  • The product is distributed more evenly.

     Syrynge Vs Hyaluron Pen

    Which hyaluronic acid to use

    Evrial Soft, Medium or Strong: hyaluronic acid cross-linked with BDDE agents which ensures its duration – Jalutè: linear hyaluronic acid excellent for a long-lasting biorevitalization effect immediate.

    Pen variant:


    Can be used with 0.3 and 0.5ml ampoules thanks to an adapter ring supplied in the package.




    Can only be used with 0.3ml ampoules

    It is a CE certified device