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Beauty eye pen

€40,00 €48,00

Revolutionary eye contour massager 5 minutes a day to reduce bags and wrinkles CE certified device

What is 

The eye pen is designed to fill the depth of wrinkles and reduce shadows and puffiness. In fact, thanks to the high frequency vibrations, blood circulation is promoted and relaxation of the eye area is combated.
The blue and red light with negative ions conveys the active ingredients of the applied product (Wake up) 20/60 times deeper than topical application.
A minute per eye is enough, preferably using a specific eye contour cream.

What is it for:

Stimulate the area around the eyes specifically:

• Minimizes fine wrinkles
• Promotes the absorption of creams
• Eliminates swelling and bags
• Increases hydration
• Stimulates collagen production
• Improves circulation


1 click Blue light + negative ions + vibration at 7,200 rpm
Improves nutrient absorption and restores skin elasticity.

2 clicks Red light + negative ions + vibration at 12,000 rpm/ min.
for a relaxing action. With this function the device heats the part to be treated and in synergy with the negative ions can effectively relieve eye fatigue,

Benefits of negative IONS:

• they neutralize free radicals, preventing oxidative stress which causes skin aging.

• They increase the elasticity of the skin by fighting dryness and the tendency to form lines and wrinkles.

How to use:

Clean the head after use.